Entrance of Matheran



According to locals the word ‘Matheran’ means ‘Mother’s Wood’. They says that the first family of Dhangars who came from the Deccan to Matheran lost their parents soon after they came, as the couplet says, ‘Mathe pite gamavila, Matheran nav pavala: When their parents were lost, Matheran got its name’ Matheran means forest or jungle or vegetations on the top (of the hill). Matheran has been declared an eco sensitive region by the Union Environment Ministry (GOL). For enthusiastic nature lover any time in the year is best to visit Matheran. Because every month in year show different colors of nature of Matheran. Monsoon gives you enjoyment of cloud walk, while winter shows you real fog (not smog). What to say about coolness in summer.

Entrance of Girivihar Hotel

Girivihar Hotel’s Invisible Features

For Corporate, Executive, Dwellers of Urban AreasĀ 

Stress reduction and peace of mind by total relaxation. Best ‘Satvic’ vegetarian food right on time at Girivihar Hotel. Being a pedestrian hill station by exercise of walking you will burn excess calaries and acquire good health in eight days stay at Girivihar Hotel.automobiles are banned in Matheran



For IMG_20140124_134225 (NXPowerLite)IMG_20140423_145342 (NXPowerLite)Family

You can weave strong bond of togetherness by staying at Girivihar Hotel.


For Tourist

You can enjoy, while staying at Girivihar Hotel, the beauty of nature by visiting varous places like ….

  • Mount Barry
  • Luisa Point
  • One Tree Hill
  • Olympia Racecourse
  • Monkey Point
  • Hart Point
  • Alexandria Point
  • Malet Spring
  • Echo Point
  • Garbut Point
  • Chowk Point
  • Charlotte Lake
  • Panorama Point (Sunrise Point)
  • Porcupine Point (Sunset Point)
  • Rambaug Point


For Trekker or Hiker

You can climb the hill of Matheran from various sides like ….

  • Neral
  • One Tree Hill Side
  • Panvel Side

On reaching top of the hill, to reduce the fatigue of trekking or hiking Girivihar Hotel is the only best place.


For students of Botany, Ayurvedic, Sidhha or Unani Medicine

You can see the medicinal plants in their natural environment.


For students of Zoology or keen bird watcher

You can see lots of animal, creatures and birds in natural environment.


For Student of Geography

You can study Geomorphology, climatology in monsoon, vegetation geography, urban geography of a pedestrian hill station, social geography.


For Student of Sociology

You can study influence of urbanization on local ‘Dhangars’.


For School Student

You can enjoy the beauty of nature and do lot of scouting.


For environmentalist and nature lover

You can enjoy the eco-sensitivity by staying at Girivihar Hotel.

Our hotel and reception is open 24 x 7 for boarding and lodging